Create your private professional social network under your brand

Make your community live with a fluid animation solution, which will allow you to meet the interests of each member, around your communication, marketing and loyalty strategies. A mobile application that guarantees you a very high audience rate, through privileges for the benefit of each member.

A professional social network for all Moroccan communities!

UNION Pro is a product of linkommunity, which aims to bring together all professional communities around the same professional social network in order to promote the exchange and interaction between different professionals and create a secure community synergy based on sharing.

Ahlan Medz Sourcing

Ahlan medz sourcing is a vertical social network that brings together the professionals of the 15 business parks managed by MedZ Sourcing with a potential of 100,000 users and which aims to create cohesion between members and promote the sharing of expertise, while at the same time offering the best benefits (carpool, announcements, conventions, online store...) of community life.<


APEBI CONNECT is an innovative vertical network, launched by APEBI in partnership with LinKommunity to facilitate networking, communication and collaboration between different stakeholders in the IT ecosystem in Morocco:

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